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Fard Iran is an active and pioneering company in the production and servicing of precision measurement instruments and offers its products and services to numerous public and private companies 

Fard Iran started its research, production, and commercial activities in 1993 with a registered capital of Rials 60 billion.Fard Iran’s core business is design and implementation of precision weighing and measurement instruments for general and special applications.  Fard Iran’s recognized domestic and international accomplishments during past two decades are indebted to Devine Guidance, contributions of its dedicated personnel many graduated from highly recognized domestic and international universities, and its close association with international institutions and organizations in the related fields

Fard Iran has tried from inception to work in unison with country development in design and implementation of integrated systems by employee the latest globally available technologies.  Company production facilities currently consists of four units covering 17,000 square meters spread over 40,000 square meters of land.  Additional facilities include office spaces and numerous warehouses

With an office space of 1,200 square meters housing Fard Iran’s Main Office in Tehran and over 2000 square meters of logistical centers plus sales offices across provincial capitals of Iran, Company now ranks as the largest producer of weighing systems in Iran and Middle East and even has surpassed in size over some European producers

Fard Iran employs 537 personnel, 37% of whom with collage education at BS, MS, or PhD level from highly recognized domestic and international universities.  The educational profile of Fard Iran shows its strong academic and research orientation

Fard Iran has made outstanding achievements in pursuit of company objectives and quality strategies to elevate its products and services up to the national and international standards.  The fruits of such endeavor has been Fard Iran’s national ranking among top 60 companies in 2013 and OIML election of the company founder as the man of year in metrology in 2011.  This OIML recognition is known as the outstanding international metrology award and presented to an individual who has made significant contribution to global metrology.  This was the first time OIML award was presented to an Iranian personality

Fard Iran has experienced a growing sales trend over  decades of its activities thanks to the reliability, quality, and sensitivity of its products.  Fard Iran’s national market share has now surpassed 50%.  In spite the fact that its domestic market has not reached a saturation point, Fard Iran has opened markets in neighboring and Persian Gulf countries stretching its international market reach as far away as African countries

Academic background of personnel created a potential in Fard Iran since its inception to undertake the design and implementation of railway dynamic weighing systems.  Along with regular production and installation of weighing systems which includes successful delivery and installation of 11,000 roadside weighbridges, Fard Iran has significantly participated in numerous national projects for railway precision weighing system.  Some of these projects are:

Design and implementation of weighing, balancing, and pressingbogies in Alstom locomotives

Design and implementation of wheel-by-wheel and axle-by-axle weighing systems 

Design and implementation of weighing and balancing system for metro cars

Design and implementation of railway dynamic-static weighing system with nominal capacity of 200 tons

Design and implementation of dynamic-static railway weighing system for liquid cargo

In addition to servicing domestic market, Fard Iran has installed dynamic weighing systems for railway administrations in Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan.

Weighing systems are produced in conformance to wisdom, rules, laws, and regulations governing commercial transactions, transaction security, and exchange of goods.  Fard Iran fully understand its responsibility and has tried from inception to improve its compliance by optimizing its systems in terms of material and functionality through continuous testing of its products in specialized laboratories.

The following subsidiaries of Fard Iran are active in their related functions in terms of production and provision of services.

Fard Iran Company -  Exclusive sales representative of Fard Iran products •

Pars Sivan Electric – Instrument Testing Center •

Badi Sane Rah Abrisham – Supply and instrumentation of testing apparatus and devices •